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Foreign Travel: Part 1- Recognition

I saw pictures of Salzburg on ‘’ and while going through that post I realized that I had recognized every place, the scene that is played out there and the relevant song or music. Oh, the joy! I am complete Sound of Music fan. To the extent that I take to singing My Favorite Things every time I feel down! Some of my friends called me Indian Maria, thanks to my short boy cut that accentuated the look. Just looking at those pics, made me feel SOM-sick, and I think I’m going to put it on my list of Must-rewatches… Even though I have every moment in the movie by heart. Also, for this little English advertisement-making assignment we had been given, I made it on the Sound of Music, assuming that it had completed 50yrs of release! 😛

Drooling in dreams for this one!


To Do 13: Part 2- Eighty Seven emails

The eighty seventh email just informed me that the CORE of our Club met up with the District Officials! It says ‘The meeting was great, we are motivated more now’. Very vague, and exasperatingly devoid of details, the mail made me reply in all the ‘wh-‘ questions I knew i.e. why, how, where, what, etc. The only thing I know right now is that ‘great’ is great and should keep us going. Though I don’t know about the motivation part of it. If they (I’m not there yet, so I’m not really a part of it) needed motivation in the first place without being self-motivated, then the going is gonna get tough! Just waiting to get back, and see it this really works out. Maybe time will see us through, though nothing is possible without efforts.

‘When the going gets tough, the tough going!’

I just hope the tough will go in the right direction…

Indian Travel 7: Part 1- Planning!

I have a friend Shriya who stays there, in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag). Vizag is in Andhra Pradesh right next to the sea. we’ve always spoken to each other about our home towns and wanted to see them and stay with each other and experience it. We’ve planned it a billion times but never thought it would be able to come true… And finally, collecting some strength, we proposed the plan for our trip to our respective mothers. While her mom said ‘she insists on it’, my mom said ‘it’s too early to plan something’. In a way she’s right because this trip won’t happen until June, when I’m finally out of boarding. Our basic plan is that I fly to Vizag and stay with Shriya for three days, Then we both fly to Mumbai where we spend three more days. Then she flies back home.

Fingers crossed for this one!

To Do 13: Part 1- Twenty Two emails

I don’t own a cell currently and writing letters is a practice everyone has outgrown. Emails are close to extinction (in the teenage world at least) but still recent enough and well, they are also efficient. So yeah, I received a mail about it. My parents are members of the Rotary Club of Thane Downtown, the youth wing (Rotaract) of which was non-existent. But the birth of it is already under process and only day before yesterday did I agree to be a charter member! Unfortunately, I am still in my boarding college and quite inactive in any of the processes. So far, the idea has been presented to the District president, soon to proceed to the District Governor. There is a presentation happening next week where the consolidated member count and persona will be presented to our first sponsors. It is approximated that we will gain entity by the second week of April only to start functioning in second week of June. So far, we are 16 of us. The president is an old friend of mine who is probably the only person who knows how a Rotaract club works. Some other people I don’t know are the Vice President, Secretary, and Tresurer. As for me? I have been offered a post and have agreed to become the Director of the International Committee. And until and unless someone wants to stand for the same post, there won’t be any elections. And I don’t think anyone is or wants to stand up for any post apart from the people who have.

So excited!

To Do 1: Part 2- Postponement

Yeah, I know. We all hate it when things get postponing of something happens. Especially if it’s something that you you’re crazy about and something you’ve been looking forward to. But I guess it’s better than getting canceled completely eh? Anyway, with this optimistic outlook I must tell you that the reason it has been postponed is Admissions. I go home in the last week of May and admissions for Universities and colleges start a few days later. And I don’t have enough days in between. So I have to act like the adult I am soon supposed to become and prioritize. So, I am going to be good and admit that admissions are more important. And mid June I have a trip to make with my friend. So The Himalayan Trek gets postponed to the end of that month. 😥

To Do 1: Part 1- The News

I think it’s finally coming true. I’ve heard my dad’s stories about his time trekking the Himalayas. I’ve seen ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani’ where they go for a trek to Manali. I’ve also seen the Bucket List (the movie where everyone as well as me got the idea of making a bucket list) where both the men are buried on top of the Himalayas. So I’ve been wanting to go to the Himalayas for a long time. I couldn’t believe it when I read the mail! It was just an idea that my dad presented- my nine year old sister and sixteen year old me on a Himalayan trek. Just the both of us. No mom. No dad. No caretakers. Only the two sisters. In the Himalayas. With a group of other people. For ten days. As soon as I finished IB (International Baccalaureate) and came back home from boarding (that’s around June). So yeah, I went on a shrieking spree that gave me the undivided attention of all my three room-mates for two complete minutes. Then they finally came over and slapped me so I could get speaking instead of shrieking. ‘Spit it out!’, they said. And so I told them all of the above, jumping around like I was on a pogo-stick the whole time. And they joined me in too. So it was basically four people huddled up and jumping up and down in excitement. I hope it comes true. I really hope this comes true!