To Do 13: Part 1- Twenty Two emails

I don’t own a cell currently and writing letters is a practice everyone has outgrown. Emails are close to extinction (in the teenage world at least) but still recent enough and well, they are also efficient. So yeah, I received a mail about it. My parents are members of the Rotary Club of Thane Downtown, the youth wing (Rotaract) of which was non-existent. But the birth of it is already under process and only day before yesterday did I agree to be a charter member! Unfortunately, I am still in my boarding college and quite inactive in any of the processes. So far, the idea has been presented to the District president, soon to proceed to the District Governor. There is a presentation happening next week where the consolidated member count and persona will be presented to our first sponsors. It is approximated that we will gain entity by the second week of April only to start functioning in second week of June. So far, we are 16 of us. The president is an old friend of mine who is probably the only person who knows how a Rotaract club works. Some other people I don’t know are the Vice President, Secretary, and Tresurer. As for me? I have been offered a post and have agreed to become the Director of the International Committee. And until and unless someone wants to stand for the same post, there won’t be any elections. And I don’t think anyone is or wants to stand up for any post apart from the people who have.

So excited!


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