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Watch “Ways People Wake Up” on YouTube

Ways People Wake Up:


10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!

10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!.

via 10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!.

Second YouTube video!

We made this movie in my boarding school to show brother-sister love.
Caution: The girls in caps are supposed to be guys.

Starring: Dhanya Mohan, Harleen Gokaldas, Simran Psetty, Varsha Vijayan, Honey Tolani, Krishna Prabha Pinnamaraju, Riddi Varshita, Uma Kasthuri and Musing Ink.
Idea of: Musing Ink
Script by: Musing Ink and Cheshire Logic
Directed by: Cheshire Logic
Videography by: Cheshire Logic
Edited by: Musing Ink
Music by: Cheshire Logic
Credited to: Star Sisters (Musing Ink + Cheshire Logic)

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To Do 15: I’m Back!

I am SO sorry for my huge absence!!! But I HAVE been Oh-so-busy. What with being back and need a college and a life, Rehabilitation is taking a toll on my creative skills and completely annihilating my time. I’ve literally got none left. I’m bang in the mid of my admission process in Mumbai. Also, my Rehabilitation process. I deliberately took the weekend off from the rush and decided to dedicate some time to myself and mass media.

So here I am!

Hope I get something posted soon!

Meanwhile, I have finally made my own YouTube channel under Cheshire Logic. WoooHoooooo!!! That’s one thing off my Bucket List!! I have already uploaded my first introductory video (lame, as it may be) and hope to do one more video the coming week!

This is the link to my channel:

You’ll finally get a view of me and how I look 😀

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