Second YouTube video!

We made this movie in my boarding school to show brother-sister love.
Caution: The girls in caps are supposed to be guys.

Starring: Dhanya Mohan, Harleen Gokaldas, Simran Psetty, Varsha Vijayan, Honey Tolani, Krishna Prabha Pinnamaraju, Riddi Varshita, Uma Kasthuri and Musing Ink.
Idea of: Musing Ink
Script by: Musing Ink and Cheshire Logic
Directed by: Cheshire Logic
Videography by: Cheshire Logic
Edited by: Musing Ink
Music by: Cheshire Logic
Credited to: Star Sisters (Musing Ink + Cheshire Logic)

Give it a ‘Thumbs up’ if you liked it, love your brother/sister or have actually experienced any of the instances shown in the video. Subscribe to my channel for more videos!


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