My Bucket List

Just like everyone else I too am inspired by The Bucket List, the movie. Difference is that I’m still in my teens. 😛

I believe that though there are some things that occupy so much of your head space that you don’t feel at peace till you do them, there are some things that don’t come to reality till you write them down. So I’ve made my own Bucket List so that I have it in front of me as I go about my life. Of course, elements might be added or removed to or from the list but the basic idea remains the same. My young age is also the reason why this blog might not be as active as others- I might not be able to afford many things that I want to do. 😛

But nevertheless, here’s my list-

1. Go for a trek to the Himalayas

2. Go Skydiving

3. Go to Tomorrowland at least once

4. Go paintball crazy

5. Play Laser Tag (yeah I know, I must be crazy not to have done so yet)

6. A motorbike road trip across length of India

7. Eat ice cream in sub-zero temperatures

8. Trek in full-bloomed karvi (a local flower that blooms only once in 7yrs)

9. See ‘aurora borealis’ up North

10. Learn to play the flute

11. Color my hair completely pink for one day

12. Go to the Tomatina festival

13. Join a non-profit organization

14. Ride a hot air balloon

15. Make a Vlog

16. Moonlight Swim

17. Sit in a Limosine


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