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2015! Finish One Book That I’m Writing

So this never happened.

I wrote quite a decent amount.

Then I realized I don’t remember half the things I wanted to write about.

Then I talked to my parents, and realized that it’s better to write short stories about the few things that I do remember. And I realized that is better too.

Now people who read it won’t have to read an entire novel about some girl just travelling about. As a writer, I won’t have to worry about the links between two things, or write about the insignificant things that happened between the significant things.

So now, the pattern in which I was writing is changed, and I’m going to work on this pattern and aim to complete it (hopefully) in 2016.


Second YouTube video!

We made this movie in my boarding school to show brother-sister love.
Caution: The girls in caps are supposed to be guys.

Starring: Dhanya Mohan, Harleen Gokaldas, Simran Psetty, Varsha Vijayan, Honey Tolani, Krishna Prabha Pinnamaraju, Riddi Varshita, Uma Kasthuri and Musing Ink.
Idea of: Musing Ink
Script by: Musing Ink and Cheshire Logic
Directed by: Cheshire Logic
Videography by: Cheshire Logic
Edited by: Musing Ink
Music by: Cheshire Logic
Credited to: Star Sisters (Musing Ink + Cheshire Logic)

Give it a ‘Thumbs up’ if you liked it, love your brother/sister or have actually experienced any of the instances shown in the video. Subscribe to my channel for more videos!

Hey there!

I haven’t posted here for a long, long time but this is mainly because there is nothing to post about! My life is as dreary as it could be with the only action happening in it being the Physical Work, Chemical Reactions and Math Equations. My world, currently and temporarily, revolves around Chemistry and French, my last exams. I have already broken up with Math and Physics (Joy to the World!). My next boyfriend on the break up list (my temporary bucket list) is Chemistry. And then I will have something better in my life as IB ebbs away and vacations set in!

Until then,

I will disappear….

What is a Bucket List?

Question 1: What’s a Bucket List?

Well, the problem starts with people not knowing that ‘kicking the bucket’ is a Euphemism for ‘dying’. People who still don’t know this? IT IS!!! So when I say Bucket List, it means a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket i.e. before I die. My blog caption says that out loud!

Question 2: What do you include?

Personally, I think it shouldn’t be life’s aims and goals like I want to achieve Nirvana or I want to become Warren Buffet. It shouldn’t be some obvious or inevitable thing like I want to become a mother or I want to buy a new sofa. I think it should be more about things you want to experience, or are interested in, or think will benefit yourself or others. For examples, please check my Bucket List! But then again, it’s my own opinion. You can totally add weekly waxing or 2 beer-glasses to your bucket list…

Question 3: Why do you need one?

Because you want to do those things? OK, fine. If you say that those things are in your mind, so why do you need a ‘list’ as such? See, the thing is that sometimes (read, most of the times) you get so tangled up in every day life that you forget to do things for yourself, spend time with yourself and basically be selfish. It’s required sometimes! SO, this list is a way for you to keep what you want to do in front of your eyes. So you never forget. Or grab every opportunity to go get it!

Have I convinced you? I hope so!