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Indian Travel 7: Part 1- Planning!

I have a friend Shriya who stays there, in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag). Vizag is in Andhra Pradesh right next to the sea. we’ve always spoken to each other about our home towns and wanted to see them and stay with each other and experience it. We’ve planned it a billion times but never thought it would be able to come true… And finally, collecting some strength, we proposed the plan for our trip to our respective mothers. While her mom said ‘she insists on it’, my mom said ‘it’s too early to plan something’. In a way she’s right because this trip won’t happen until June, when I’m finally out of boarding. Our basic plan is that I fly to Vizag and stay with Shriya for three days, Then we both fly to Mumbai where we spend three more days. Then she flies back home.

Fingers crossed for this one!