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10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!

10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!.

via 10 Things that make an Indian Childhood!.


To Do 15: I’m Back!

I am SO sorry for my huge absence!!! But I HAVE been Oh-so-busy. What with being back and need a college and a life, Rehabilitation is taking a toll on my creative skills and completely annihilating my time. I’ve literally got none left. I’m bang in the mid of my admission process in Mumbai. Also, my Rehabilitation process. I deliberately took the weekend off from the rush and decided to dedicate some time to myself and mass media.

So here I am!

Hope I get something posted soon!

Meanwhile, I have finally made my own YouTube channel under Cheshire Logic. WoooHoooooo!!! That’s one thing off my Bucket List!! I have already uploaded my first introductory video (lame, as it may be) and hope to do one more video the coming week!

This is the link to my channel:

You’ll finally get a view of me and how I look 😀

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To Do 15: Part 1- The Craze

So I have this new craze- V-logging… I know, it’s not such a new concept, but I have come across such awesome ones, that I wanna do it too! Yeah, it sounds like I wanna copy them and stuff, but nah… I can be more original than that! I have an Indian-y theme in mind, what with all-those-things-I-wanna-do-when-I’m-outta-boarding-school swirling in my mind! This is definitely something I’m gonna do as soon as I get back home in the end of May. That reminds me- 40 days to come back home!!!

And that also reminds me- 23 days until my final exams!

Which also reminds me- I should probably be studying… :/