Foreign Travel

There is so much to see in India, and much more to see outside my country.

And there are certain places I want to visit. Here’s the list-

1) Egypt – The ancient wonders, of course!

2) Austria- That’s where the Sound of Music was made!

3) Japan- Culture and technology both? Seriously?!

4) Dubai- Ferrari World tops it all!

5) France- Well, I’m learning French, so I sure wanna check this country out!

6) Singapore- Heard its good for shopping… I’m good to go!

7) China- Well it’s close by and it’s huge! Why not?

8) South Africa- Want to visit Carnivores, first thing! Then see the carnivores 😛

9) Greece- Big Percy Jackson and the Olympians fan here people…

10) Rome- Dude, Heroes of Olympus goes hand in hand with PJO!

11) Iceland- The Aurora Borealis… Definitely heavenly…

12) Bora Bora- The beach and water and love! 😛

13) Vegas- Well, doesn’t everyone want to go there at least once?

14) Russia- Well, it’s on my Bucket List. Ice-cream in sub-zero temperatures!

15) Italy- HOO fan completely… 😛

16) Austria- Salzburg to revisit the Sound of Music!

17) Cambodia- Macchu Picchu!

18) Bali- coz I’ve heard it’s beautiful…


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