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2015! New Place 3: North Sikkim

As a part of the mountaineering training that I underwent in Darjeeling, we were shifted to North of Sikkim to train in the Sikkim Himalayas. We took buses from Darjeeling to a place in North Sikkim called Yuksam (this is where we would trek up to base camp from). As weird as it was, all the height that we had landed on when we came to Darjeeling was lost to Sikkim as we descended to almost sea level. Which was ridiculous, and irritating, and hot. So hot. We were very comfortable in the Darjeeling cool, breezy weather that was stolen from us in the Sikkim heat. We literally rolled up our pants and sleeves as we got down in Jorethang for our lunch. We went to this restaurant called Big Belly and ordered a mismatched lunch of parathas, momos and thukpa. When we were returning, we went to the same place again. From Jorethang, we stayed at a little village called Yuksam, where our buses abandoned us with only our feet as the only means of transportation. For five days we trekked up to the base camp. For seven days we trained at the glacier. Two days to come back to Yuksam. And in all that time, we were in North Sikkim, experiencing different parts of it and almost at the border of Nepal. Often we had the guts to look up from our trekking path and watch the surroundings, and we couldn’t stop being astounded every time. The scenery was pristine, the mountains majestic and the snow impeccable!

North Sikkim? Definitely something you should visit…


To Do 15: Part 1- The Craze

So I have this new craze- V-logging… I know, it’s not such a new concept, but I have come across such awesome ones, that I wanna do it too! Yeah, it sounds like I wanna copy them and stuff, but nah… I can be more original than that! I have an Indian-y theme in mind, what with all-those-things-I-wanna-do-when-I’m-outta-boarding-school swirling in my mind! This is definitely something I’m gonna do as soon as I get back home in the end of May. That reminds me- 40 days to come back home!!!

And that also reminds me- 23 days until my final exams!

Which also reminds me- I should probably be studying… :/